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How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks Fast

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How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks Fast In CA

Get Rid Of Stretch Marks Fast Canada

Although our skin is flexible and elastic, it cannot bear extreme stretching. If the skin gets stretched beyond a specific extent, the connective tissues and fibers of the dermis get damaged. This tearing of dermis or the second layer of skin, leads to scarring, which normally manifests as purple, red lines or streaks in the skin. These stretch marks are associated with hormonal changes, pregnancy, weight gain and strenuous workouts. These unwanted marks are generally found on the thighs, hips, buttocks, upper arms, lower back, belly or breasts. In case, you are wondering, how to get-rid of stretch marks fast then there are numerous effective ways by which you can eliminate the marks.

How to get rid of stretch marks fast? Many stretch marks improve a lot over many months without treatment. There have been numerous treatments touted to help, including lasers, peels, "natural" oils, Retin-A, and silicone gels, to name a few. However, since stretch marks are essentially a scar from the inside out, there is no treatment that makes them disappear completely.

Are there different treatments for stretch marks on different parts of the body (i.e. should we treat stomach marks differently than legs, arms, etc.)?

No, stretch mark treatments are not site-specific.

What kinds of products can you use to get rid of stretch marks? What ingredients should you be looking for? Unfortunately, there are really no products to "get rid of stretch marks." A recent study suggested improvement with topical silicone gel.

How to get rid of stretch marks at home?

Folic acid recommended by most gynecologists during pregnancy and lactation also contributes significantly towards healing stretch marks.

Regular moisturizing of areas prone to the development of stretch marks will be a good option to keep stretch marks at bay. Keeping your system well hydrated with plenty of water also aids in battling stretch marks. Minimum eight to ten glasses of water will keep your skin naturally moisturized.

Gentle scrubbing of the parts affected with apricot scrub also helps in healing stretch marks.

Natural scrub made with the help of oats also serves to get rid of stretch marks.

How to Remove Stretch Marks Naturally in  Canada

- Keep the skin moisturised. This allows the skin to stay elasticated and hydrated.

- Add bio oil to your bath water or apply it to your body regularly.

- Massage your skin. This increases blood circulation and keeps the skin bouncy.

- Eat a healthy diet. This is obvious but indulging can often cause the skin to stretch.

This article was originally published on Feb 06, 2013

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