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How To DIY Your Wedding Hair

  |  By Alison McGill

Maggie Sottero Fall 2020.

With the new normal about how weddings are planned and executed falling in to place, there will be many things that are different and creating your beauty look is certainly one of them. “Weddings are going to be different,” shares Kirsten Klontz, Toronto-bases stylist and ambassador for Hot Tools Professional. “As a hairstylist it is normally such a special day to share with your client and it would usually start with a big hug. Now we need to rethink how we can help our clients in a way that may not involve a lot of physical contact. For those brides who are visiting the salon there will be new protocols in place that may change the usual experience. For those who can’t do an in-salon visit, platforms like YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram can help us gather ideas on how to make you look beautiful on your most memorable day. “

Klontz says a new and very viable trend will be to book a coaching appointment with your hairstylist via Zoom or FaceTime to help walk you through the steps of styling your own hair for your wedding day. “I’ll be offering those services to anyone who is in need. Every hairstylist I know takes so much pleasure in helping brides feel gorgeous on their special day. Supporting each other through these changes will ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience.”

We asked Klontz some critical questions to ensure DIY wedding hair success. Read on to glean how to style like a pro with her insider intel.

What are easy bridal styles to DIY?
“Some of my favourite looks are the ‘undone bun,’ soft waves or a French twist.  These are all looks which are easily achievable from home, done with just a few simple steps and are absolutely wedding worthy and look fabulous with a veil or accessories.”

What should you NOT attempt on your own?
“I would suggest avoiding anything super intricate, keeping it simple will be key.”

Can you share some of your favourite celebrity red carpet appearances as a reference for amazing DIY bridal hair?
“Lucy Boynton wears a wavy bob and she is often seen sporting fabulous hair accessories. Other red-carpet superstars include Zendaya, Selena Gomez, Janelle Monae, Haily Baldwin and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. These ladies—and their hair—always look amazing!"

What tools are essential for creating your own bridal look?
“No matter what bridal look you are trying to achieve, having a reliable curling iron or flatiron will be essential. One of my favourite brands to work with is Hot Tools Professional, who released the new Black Gold series which adds an incredible amount of shine to the hair. If you are planning on wearing your hair up, their 1-inch curling iron is perfect for building a tighter texture. If you’re imagining a classic glam look or soft beach waves, try the 1.25-inch iron, which will help you create those beautiful loose curls. Hot Tools also has a unique flatiron with a rounded edge which is ideal for someone looking to smooth frizz and create curls at the same time.  These three tools are my absolute essentials for creating any look because of their performance and versatility. Another bonus is that they have dual voltage in case you are planning a destination wedding. All of these tools can be ordered online or through curb side pick-up at a Chatters Hair Salon near you.

What styling products are essential for DIY styling?
“You will want to start by adding products to will give you hold and all-day control. You should have a volumizer, smoothing cream and hairspray on hand.”

What are some considerations for pairing a DIY style with accessories like a veil, tiara, hairband?
“I would suggest an overall simple look like soft smooth waves with the addition of a gorgeous headband or romantic hair pins. Adding accessories is absolutely the easiest way to seriously glam up your look. I would suggest investing in beautiful and timeless statement pieces. If you are adding a veil, booking a virtual hair appointment or having a friend assist you is a great option.”

Where can a bride-to-be look for styling help?
“There are lots of resources on social media and one of my favourites is LETLET NY. They have an incredible range of diverse pieces. Lelet’s instagram displays what I describe—simple hairstyles that show how well accessories can truly elevate any look. Chic and fashion oriented for your wedding hair goals.”


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