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How To DIY Perfect Brows

  |  By Alison McGill

How to manage your hair and your nails while we #stayhome aren’t the only grooming emergencies. Rounding out the trifecta of current beauty 911s is eyebrow maintenance and preventing overgrown and out of shape arches.

While you may be tempted to cut, wax and tweeze, take a moment before wielding any weapons to assess what actually needs to be done and what you are comfortable doing. Britti Alexandra, owner of Toronto’s B.Beautiful Studio (and one of the city’s foremost experts on brows) offers some intel on when and where to tweeze and how you can maintain your brows like a pro-star.

• Hair grows which grows at least three centimeters above your natural brow line is in the green zone to pluck. Also in the green zone are those hairs that lead past the side of your eyes.

• For middle brow hairs, start right at the centre and then move your way towards your brows. It’s advisable to pluck one hair, stand back, assess and then go back for another.  Plucking the wrong hair can make a HUGE difference and you don’t want tweezing regrets!

• Definite no-go zones are those hairs which are part of the tail of your brows, leave these ones! This is where people make the biggest mistake and usually where they need to grow in their brows. You may be tempted to thin these guys out, but don’t, leave to your brow stylist and your next appointment when it’s safe to visit again. Also do not touch those hairs just below your arch—it is really easy to overpluck here and you will end up with “surprise” brows if you pluck.

• Do not wax! Unless you are a professional, you can get wax on the wrong hairs and it will take weeks if not months for them to grow back.

• If you are tempted to use brow scissors, make sure you are slanting them toward the middle of your brow, so you are cutting hair on an angle and not in a straight line or you could end up with a blank space in your brows. I recommend foregoing scissors in favour of a brow gel which will keep longer hairs in place.


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