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How To Avoid A Makeup Meltdown

  |  By Jen O'Brien

In the heat of summer keeping your look in place can sometimes be a bit labour-intensive. And the last thing you want to deal with on your wedding day is smudged mascara. To cut down on the touch-ups, we went to celebrity makeup artist Alena Klenot for some advice on how to keep wedding day makeup in place during the stickiest months of the year.

Your first step "Prep work is necessary," says Klenot. "It allows you to start with a fresh palette." She recommends going for a facial a few days before your big event or a deep moisturizing treatment if your skin is dry.

Your skin Before applying any makeup Klenot recommends starting with a gel moisturizer, which will be lighter in the hot weather and cut down on shine. The next step is primer. Klenot recommends applying primer not just on your face, but also on lips and lids to keep keep all of your makeup in place. During the summer months she advises going with a light powder foundation rather than a heavy liquid product. "And always keep blotting papers on hand to keep shine in check," she adds.

Your eyes Opt for powdery shadows and liquid liners rather than cream formulations and pencils that might smudge, says Klenot. If you're wearing mascara Klenot recommends a waterproof product that will withstand the waterworks. She also says false lashes can be a great alternative (black is her go-to shade). "Whether they are strip or individual lashes, false eyelashes mean you can have a tear in your eye and your makeup won't be affected at all," says Klenot. If you have blonde lashes she recommends tinting them black a few days before your wedding.

Your lips "When applying lipstick think: primer, lipstick, powder, lipstick," says Klenot. Primer and powder will hold the first layer of product in place and a second layer of lipstick will ensure your colour lasts through the day. You can add gloss after the final lipstick application but go for an understated gloss. "In the summer you'll have a natural, dewy glow so lay off the sparkly products," says Klenot.

Get more essential beauty tips with Klenot's OLaLa makeup app, available on iTunes.

This article was originally published on Jul 26, 2011

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