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Confession: For the last little while (i.e. when White Toronto called to tell me my beloved wedding dress had arrived, and when could I come in for a fitting?) I thought it best to part ways with sugary confections. We had been quite the pair, but, alas it was time to break-up and go our separate ways. (Currently, I’m rebounding with Crudité.) But this hasn’t stopped me from planning (a.k.a. lusting after) the sweet table that Mr. Forever and I will have at our impending nuptials. “Do we really want one?” he asked one day not too long ago. (He would prefer a chip truck or taco stand if given the choice.) “Of course we do!” I barked. “I have always dreamed of having a sweet table at my wedding!” (Slightly dramatic but it ended the conversation. Bride: one. Groom: zero.) To me, a sweet table, with its gorgeous pastel-dusted hues, jewel-box shaped treats and personal touches (table cloth, take-out containers, florals) is like a closet brimming with exquisite clothing and accessories. They both delight the senses and inspire your inner child to come out and play. A visual feast for the eyes! Macaroons, colourful cake pops, cookies, tiny meringue puffs, champagne truffles; the list of decadent one-bite desserts could go on and on. Deliver me not into temptation.  Well, at least not until The Big Day.

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