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Fashion & Beauty

Home-Made Beauty Concoctions?

  |   By Roseanne Dela Rosa

I remember the day I first heard about at-home beauty treatments. I was in grade four and the girls in my class had mentioned that if you squeeze lemons into your hair and sit under the sun for a few hours your hair will instantly lighten up and look shiny. Did I try it?


Home-Made Beauty Concoctions?

Of course, I did. I wanted to see it work–and silly me I also believed it too. Looking back, I still laugh at the idea of me sitting in our backyard with lemon-dripped hair wrapped in saran wrap–oh what a sight it was for my mom. But, as I grew older I quickly learned about home-made products that actually delivered on their promise. For example, the whole brown sugar mixed with honey and a bit of lemon juice was a must-have  during high school–it left my skin feeling soft. Oh, and who could forget the Avocado masks!

Anywho, I'd love to hear your recipes or idea that you've heard or tried for at-home beauty treatments! Please share.

{image via From Nature with Love}

This article was originally published on Feb 16, 2010

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