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Fashion & Beauty

Hand-Painted Shoes

  |  By Roseanne Dela Rosa

Sometimes finding the perfect wedding show is almost like finding the perfect wedding dress. You may find it at first fit, or it may take your ten tries. OR, you might decide to go the custom route, which is exactly what Veronica (a recent bride) did. She e-mailed me this delightful piece about her wedding shoes that I felt the need to share:

Dear Roseanne, My name is Veronica and I am a newlywed! We just got married on Friday and are currently on our honeymoon in Mexico but I HAD to email you guys because I just knew you would appreciate how amazing my wedding shoes were! I know you send out emails about amazing ideas to other brides and I've never seen anything like these before. Our photographer is soooooooooo amazingly talented and hand painted these herself. Her name is Deborah and she just runs a small photography business and started to make these shoes for her brides as a hobby and I just want to tell every other bride out there about them. They are AMAZING and I know you'll agree! She's so modest and doesn't even realize how talented she really is! Her name is Deborah Thomson of Figgie Photography and Figgie Shoes. About my shoes: we had a "cinderella" theme with very, very tiny details of cinderella throughout the day like a little slipper on my bracelet, so she painted a pumpkin coach and the castle on my shoes. 12 20 is our anniversary date when we were dating (December 20th), we are high school sweethearts who were dating 7 years before he proposed and got married when we were dating for 8 years and HSS means high school sweethearts. Take care :) -Veronica

This article was originally published on Sep 06, 2010

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