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The Bond-Inspired Tuxedo: A Must For Your Groom

  |  By Alison McGill

If your groom is in the midst of deciding what to wear for your wedding, might we suggest you firmly nudge him in the direction of a tuxedo? With the release of the highly anticipated Skyfall tomorrow and the 50th anniversary celebrations of the James Bond film franchise in effect, we have been surrounded by images of the sexy spy in his signature tuxedo. We admit our choice for sharpest-dressed Bond is definitely Daniel Craig and he looks flawless in Skyfall thanks to the Tom Ford, the master of men’s tailoring, who created all the costumes for the film.

Skyfall marks the second Bond film Ford has done the wardrobe for and the designer told British Vogue that the wardrobe he created for Daniel Craig was a classic one. “I have been dressing Daniel for some time and  know that he looks best  when simply dressed, so we did some beautiful suits, tuxedos and daywear. We didn’t really modify our suits, as James Bond is a bit like our guy—classic and extremely elegant.”

The tuxedo and suits sported by Bond in Skyfall feature slim silhouettes and simple two or one-button jackets. We love the Tom Ford tuxedo Daniel Craig wore on the red carpet for the UK premiere of the film which featured a textured midnight blue jacket with black lapels, white pocket square and slim fit black pants. This is a look we love for grooms, especially the navy/black combo. We suggest you go see Skyfall this weekend and get your groom inspired about his wedding day look!

This article was originally published on Nov 08, 2012

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