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Goop Beauty Director Jean Godfrey-June On Super Creams, Clean Beauty & Must-Have Products For Every Bride

  |  By Alison McGill
Goop Beauty Director Jean Godfrey-June On Super Creams, Clean Beauty  & Must-Have Products For Every Bride

Jean Godfrey-June, goop's beauty director.

If you, like us, are a fan of goop—the lifestyle and wellness empire that Gwyneth built—you know having a chance to Zoom with one of goop’s top players about beauty and self-care is a dream assignment. Jean Godfrey-June is goop’s beauty director and ICYMI a legendary editor who started her career at ELLE before moving to Lucky and then to goop in 2015.

One of the cornerstones of the goop brand is clean beauty. It’s something Godfrey-June is extremely passionate about. She spent a lot of time researching and learning about products to find ones that best worked for her. “A great tinted moisturizer was maybe the most challenging product for me to find,” she shares. “It was basically the last piece of my clean regime and now that I’ve found it I can’t imagine using anything else.” (See below to find out what it is!).

Two new items topping Godfrey-June’s essentials list are a pair of super creams launched by goop in early August. GOOPGENES All-In-One Nourishing Face Cream and All-In-One Nourishing Eye Cream are perfect for all ages (the product release was accompanied by promos featuring GP, her mother Blythe Danner and her daughter Apple Martin chatting about aging and skincare). “Skin evolves and changes over time and there are many things which affects how your skin ages,” Godfrey-June says. “Genes play a huge role in how we age, as does environmental factors like sun, diet and lifestyle.”

Goop Beauty Director Jean Godfrey-June On Super Creams, Clean Beauty  & Must-Have Products For Every BrideGOOPGENES super creams are the brand's newest buzzworthy launch.

GOOPGENES super creams are designed to address the key signs of skin health—hydration, tone, firmness, smoothness and glow. “We think of these as being the ultimate support for skin,” Godfrey-June shares. Find out what other gems top Godfrey-June’s beauty list and what you should include in your bridal beauty musts.

Skincare is a pandemic hit, the beauty story of 2020! How have you stepped up your routine for great skin and how can brides do the same?
“Working from home has meant we all have more time to treat our skin and focus on our well-being. If you are having a breakout, you can deal with it and remedy the situation faster because you can aggressively spot treat it or even work with a zit sticker on your face, there are no eyes on you! Personally, I have been practicing oil pulling which is something I never seemed to have time for in the past, but I am up to 15-minutes every morning. I am hair masking and generally doing things I could never fit in my routine in the past. My advice for everyone and especially brides at this time is use the time you now have to treat yourself well and add in all those extra little things that make a difference.”

What will you switch up as we move in to fall and what do you recommend as essential for the new season?
“Fall is a great time to reset. We are moving into the season where more moisture is essential for your skin. I will continue to up my face oil use but will switch what I use. Currently I’m using de Mamiel Summer Face Oil and will transition to their autumn formula when I’m finished. My typical morning routine won’t change. I don’t cleanse but apply a vitamin C serum first thing which I recommend everyone do. I let that soak in then apply my facial oil, let that soak in, followed by moisturizer. Once a week I will use a GOOPGLOW 15% glycolic overnight peel pad for a deep cleanse. You wake up with glowing, refreshed skin but this is for use once a week only as it’s super powerful. There is also a 5% version if you are sensitive. ”

Products you can’t live without?
“My tinted moisturizer of course! I am obsessed with BeautyCounter Dew Skin Moisturizing Coverage SPF20—it is magic. I love Westman Atelier Eye Love You Mascara and everyone at goop is obsessed with Kosas Weightless Lip Color in Rosewater. I love to apply it to lips, run my finger over top of the colour then smudge it on cheeks and blend. Try it, I swear it looks like you have had your makeup professionally done. It's a shade perfect for everyday and especially for a wedding day. I also love the Gold Sculpting Bar by makeup artist Jillian Dempsey. This tiny roller is amazing because it uses subtle vibrations which help to tighten and sculpt the face. It is compact enough for a bride to tuck into her clutch and use during her wedding day. It’s quite remarkable, you will see a very visible difference in the tone and texture of skin. Lastly, I love a great self-tanner and Vita Liberata is a line from Ireland I am super into —the Invisi Foaming Tan Water is incredible!”


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