Good Enough to Eat

Boucheron's macaroon-inspired cocktail ring.

I was recently fact-checking a story about sweets, which lead me to the website of La Bamboche, a Toronto-based purveyor of decadent Parisian-style macaroons. Needless to say, I got lost in their blog and was positively drooling over their sugary creations. Oddly enough, later the same night I was flipping through Australian Vogue (another one of my favourite indulgences!), and I happened to notice an add for this amazing macaroon-inspired cocktail ring by Boucheron (pictured left). Isn’t it exquisite? Not to mention that it’s calorie-free (but not quite as easy on the budget!). But if you’re not in the market for a high-end piece of jewellery at the moment, there are other ways macaroons can inspire your bridal attire. Why not take a cue from this colour palette (see below) and dress your bridesmaids in pastel shades? Think luscious lavender, soft pink and fresh mint green. These colours look great together on a plate or in a closet (as evidenced by these Juicy Couture ads shots by the inimitable Tim Walker). I hope this has inspired you, and I apologize profusely if you’re now scrounging for a late-afternoon snack!

Delicious macaroons from Toronto's La Bamboche.

Juicy Couture ad by Tim Walker. Photo courtesy Laird and Partners.

Juicy Couture ad by Tim Walker. Photo courtesy Laird and Partners.


3 comments on “Good Enough to Eat
  1. Oh wow what an amazing pic. And the macaroons look scrumptious!!

  2. Jenn says:

    I love Tim Walker!

  3. Rosalba says:

    those macaroons look YUMMY!! and the dresses are gorgeous!

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