Fun New Wedding Nail Polish Shades For Summer

Choosing your wedding nail polish shade is tricky business these days because there are so many amazing options! Our desks have literally been flooded with dozens of amazing wedding nail polish options and the big question you have to ask yourself in order to choose your perfect shade is not what colour you want to wear, but rather what type of style statement you want to make with your wedding nails?

If you’re a traditionalist, you will likely be eyeing up classic nudes or greys, but have you ever thought about a soft sage green or lovely lilac for your wedding nail polish? If you are a glamourous bride, rich red may be the natural choice but how about considering deep blue or even a rose gold and caramel combo?

Our favourite wedding nail polishes for summer are bright, unconventional shades. Believe us, neon pink paired with the right dress and accessories can look killer. We’ve done some test-driving on our own digits to suss out the best wedding nail polish shades available this season!


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