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Francesca Miranda Fall 2018 Wedding Dresses

Francesca Miranda Fall 2018 Wedding Dresses

Francesca Miranda Fall 2018 Wedding Dresses

Drawing on the authentic craftsmanship and diverse indigenous aesthetic of her native Colombia, Francesca Miranda is definitely a designer to watch.

Her newest collection references the golden ages, drawing inspiration from the mid 16th century. In the mix are clean silhouettes and classics details that play on the sophistication of royal attire. A majestic cream and gold jacquard cape woven with shimmering metallic thread (worn over a matching ball gown, of course) puts the wispy versions on other runways this season to shame. The swooping beaded and embroidered pattern of a strapless fit-and-flare gown highlights its curvaceous silhouette, while an open-front tulle coat with billowing puff sleeves and matching lace collar and cuffs provides an ethereal envelope. As the skirt of a deep-V gown, tiers of metallic golden thread become curtains of glistening sunlight that swish and swirl with every movement.

Along with her stunning designs and exquisite fabrics, Miranda’s detailed workmanship is vital to the brand, and it has deep roots. Each gown in the line is handmade by female artisans in the designer’s Colombian home base of Barranquilla. By employing local artisans, the atelier works to preserve traditional craftsmanship and empower the artistic women in the community, with 90 percent of these women being the primary or sole income providers for their families.

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