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& For Love Designer Angel Spendlove On Canadian Bridal Fashion Trends & Alternative Wedding Style

  |  By Alison McGill
The Samara dress, & For Love 2020 collection.

Winner of the 2020 Weddingbells Wedding Awards Canadian Bridal Design category, & For Love has been a label we have long been obsessed with. Since its launch in 2014 by best girlfriends Angel Spend love and Lisa Blunt, & For Love instantly became a go-to bridal choice for cool, alt brides looking to wear something a little bit rock and roll on their wedding day.

We recently spoke with head designer Angel to chat design philosophies, creative inspo and 2021 bridal fashion forecasts.

Who is the & For Love bride? She's not a woman who ever dreamed of looking like a ‘bride’ or having a massive traditional wedding. She's laid back, loves fashion, loves music and a good party, and wants her wedding vibe to reflect that. She just wants to look and feel amazing and celebrate her love in her own way.”

What is your design philosophy and a few of your signature design details? “I always aim to have a clean shape mixed with an element that's unexpected. I love throwing in something weird that doesn't really belong with the dress to get a good balance, like our signature side plunge on an otherwise simple slip gown, a romantic sleeve paired with a sexy open back, dipping the train of a dress in pink dye, or 80's inspired puff sleeves combined with a really modern silhouette. I also love experimenting with fabrics and our white micro-sequin has definitely become a signature & For Love fabric.”

Angel wears & For Love's Brooklyn 2.0 gown for her 10-year vow renewal. Photography by Pam Carriere as seen in this story.

What makes a wedding dress such a special fashion item? “I think it's because it's what the dress represents. There are so many emotions that surround a bride on her wedding day, and the gown is something that really embodies your personality and how you feel.”

Tell us about your current 2020 collection and what we can expect for 2021! “Our 2020 collection is based off of one of my favourite novels from Australia called Picnic At Hanging Rock. It's quite a dark story but the early Australian clothes are very Victorian and white and airy in contrast, and I just love the whole mood. We actually flew to Sydney to shoot the look book and one of our fave 2020 gowns is called the Harris. She's romantic yet cool as hell all at the same time. For my 2021 collection I'm playing around with a few ideas loosely based on the baroque era and Versailles, so the pieces will be quite romantic but also a little dark and grungy at the same time. I was lucky enough to have danced at the Opera House in Versailles when I performed with Opera Atelier as a ballet dancer, and it's such an amazing place. The outside is so lavish and over the top, but when you get to the guts of the castle there are so many tiny dark hallways, secret doors and passages, and it's a little bit creepy. I love that juxtaposition of something opulent and over the top with something moodier, so I'm trying to figure out how that translates into my dresses. I'm also working on a lot of transitional layering pieces for brides who may have had to move their weddings from summer to winter, or unsure of their new date due to Covid-19, so get ready to see some amazing robes and dusters. I'm really excited for those pieces, they're going to make your bridal look come to life!”

most stylish brides - gwen stefani From & For Love's debut collection, inspired of course by Gwen Steafani's dip dyed wedding gown. Photography by Chris Nicholls as see in this shoot.

The most iconic celebrity bride? “Oooh this is a hard one, I have a lot! Kate Middleton, because the back of her Alexander McQueen by Sarah Burton gown is something I still obsess over! Hailey Bieber's Vera Wang gown she wore to her reception with sneakers. I loved this whole look and I felt like it was such an &FL moment! Gwen Stefani hot pink dip dyed Galliano gown. It was such a standout piece and inspired one of my first gowns in our debut collection. And lastly, Miley Cyrus's Vivienne Westwood gown. I loved everything about this dress and that intimate at-home wedding.”

You are a Canadian label, what do you find Canadian brides look for in a dress that is unique? “Canadian brides tend to gravitate toward simple silhouettes with a little something special to stand out from the crowd—a low back, a statement sleeve or a daringly low side on an otherwise quiet style is our way of knocking their socks off as we walk down the aisle. Canadian brides also prioritize ethical production so they can feel good about where their dress came from. It’s a Canadian value that applies to all our purchases and a wedding dress is no exception!”

Sneakers or stilettos? “Both!”

One dress or two? “Two!”

Finish this sentence: "You know you have found your perfect dress when..." “….when you are completely obsessed and can't stop thinking about it. I always compare finding your dress to finding your person. It might not be right for everyone, but it's right for you, so when you've found them, stop looking!!”


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