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These Floral Fragrances Are Wedding-Perfect

  |   By Alison McGill

The flowers in your bouquet are not the only blossoms to consider for your wedding. Indulge your inner romantic, floral-loving side by choosing a wedding fragrance blooming with verdant, garden-inspired notes. Choosing a memorable and impactful scent for your wedding is a big must in our books—you want it to be an extra special scent you remember as being a part of your very special day. Here are six new scents we love that will also become everyday favorites long after you say ‘I do.’ All illustrations by Stephanie-Anne.

Dior Joy Eau de Parfum, $165 for 90ml (pictured above) The first fragrance from the fashion house in 20 years is a warm floral blend with the key notes of mandarin, sandalwood and white musk. Combined, these scents create an instant classic.

Jo Malone London Honeysuckle & Davana Cologne, $184 for 100ml This woodsy floral smells like English summertime, featuring a star blend of honeysuckle, rose, davana mixed warm moss and wood notes.

Gucci Bloom Nettare de Fiori, $168 for 100ml A richer spin on Gucci’s original Bloom scent, this juice relies on rose and wood notes to give it a big, bold, beautiful punch.

Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris Eau de Parfum, $160 for 90ml Fruit essences of strawberry, raspberry, pear and orange flower combine with white peony to create a scent that’s fresh and fabulously feminine.

Ralph Lauren Women Eau de Parfum, $115 for 50ml This classic floral fragrance is vibrant and elegant with bold tuberose accord at its heart.

Calvin Klein Women Eau de Parfum, $92 for 50ml This is a complex, multi-level fragrance that combines orange flower petals, eucalyptus acorns and Alaskan cedarwood to give it a modern edge.


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