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Find Lavish Jewels At Canada’s First Graff Boutique In Vancouver

  |  By Jean Grant

Some brides opt for simple statements on their ring finger, while others obsessively research colour, cut and clarity and literally swoon over rare colourful heirlooms. For the latter type of bride, there are really only a few places to source outrageous hand candy, and Graff is one of them. The British brand has been discovering rare diamonds and gemstones and transforming them into brilliant works of wearable art since the 1960s. For instance, they recently found the largest rough diamond in more than a century—a 1,109 carat stone dubbed the Lesedi La Rona. To the delight of many Canadian brides, Graff has officially announced it will be opening its first Canadian outpost later this year -- a brand-new standalone boutique on West Georgia Street in Vancouver.

Inside, jewels will be displayed in decadent brushed-gold suites, where brides can try on their fantasy rings, like a five-carat pear-shaped diamond surrounded by swirling baguettes, or a 23-carat yellow radiant-cut diamond. It’s the kind of place that will make you feel like you should probably be going about your daily life dripping in all possible kinds jewels—including this positively regal diamond-and-sapphire Nuage bracelet that apparently costs $1 million. A piece of advice, though: before you get your heart set on the 43-carat heart-shaped diamond, make sure your hand is actually strong enough to lift the jaw-dropping piece. In the new store, which opens to the public in December, collections will start at $6,000 (though they will obviously go way up from there).

This article was originally published on Nov 15, 2018

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