Fall Fragrance Report: Womanity

Designer Thierry Mugler is famed for his avant garde fashions, but you probably know him best as the creator of one of the world’s most successful fragrances, Angel. His latest scent is pretty, pink and fabulously feminine.

The Scent: Thierry Mugler Womanity, $86 for 50 ml at The Bay.

The Juice: Mugler wanted to create a beautiful scent that is both savory and sweet and he’s done it by pairing salty caviar notes with sugary fig.

Bridal Match: An easy, breezy Greican-style gown, a white sand beach and turquoise waters—this scent already smells like the ocean thanks to its salty undertones.

Why I Love It: This scent has a truly unique composition and it smells different and unique on each and every wrist.