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Fashion & Beauty

Fall Beauty, Part 2

  |   By Alison McGill

When it comes to lips this season, there is one must-have colour that stands out above all the rest: red. Red lips were everywhere on fall runways, from Marc Jacobs to Gucci, and most recently they were spotted all over the Emmy red carpet—Heidi Klum had one of the best red pouts of the night.


Fall Beauty, Part 2

For decades, perfectly defined, creamy crimson lips have been synonymous with glamour, which I think makes the lip shade the perfect choice for your wedding day. It’s romantic, nostalgic, sexy and modern. You can wear the colour big and bold, or soft and stained—it all depends on the beauty statement you want to make. Just in case you think you're one of those girls who can’t wear red, put that notion to rest ASAP. There really is a red out there to suit everyone; you just have to do a little hunting to find the one that best suits your skin tone. There are a few rules of thumb though to keep in mind when you are shopping. If your skin has cool undertones (a pinky cast), you need a blue-red colour; if your skin has warm undertones (a peachy cast), an orange-red will look best on you. Also when it comes to red, steer clear of glosses in favour of good old-fashioned lipstick (I think red gloss can come off looking a little garish). A creamy, matte shade of lipstick is the way to go and the beauty of it is you can apply it, then blot it down to achieve the intensity of colour you want. I have always been a huge fan of red lipstick and have a few personal favourites I can share with you (for the record, I wear blue-reds). Three of my faves: New York Apple and Hot Tahiti Lipstick, both M.A.C. ($17) and Cabaret Colorscope Lipcolour by Prescriptives ($26).

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This article was originally published on Oct 05, 2007

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