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Expert Training Tips

  |  By Stephanie Gray

Gidon from G Force

Getting ready for your wedding is a lot of work -- and I'm not just talking about the cakes and flowers. Whether that's starting a new skin regime, timing your colour and cut hair appointments just right or making adjustments to your diet and exercise routine, the things that will make you feel your best are part of the process too. There are many of you out there that may be thinking about hiring a trainer, changing your diet or even increasing your workouts and that's fantastic. Getting into a healthy routine now is something you can continue after the wedding day is over.

A couple weeks ago I had the chance to try something I've really never done -- workout with a trainer. I love working out, whether that's running outside, hitting the gym or even doing a yoga video at home. I always tell people that working out keeps me sane (endorphins are a wonderful thing!).  Instead of meeting the trainer at a gym or workout centre, G Force Training came to me (this is what they do)! It was a gorgeous day, so when Gidon (founder of G Force), arrived at my door, I asked him if we could go to the park near my house and he happily obliged. With him? A bosu ball, yoga mat and backpack. I knew it was possible to get a good workout without much equipment, but I still felt a little skeptical. 


Expert Training Tips

On the short walk to the park, Gidon explained to me about G Force's philosophy, which combines meditation and visualization with strength training and cardio. When it came to the workout, it was unlike anything I had done before. I warmed up on the bosu ball (running on and off it), doing squats and lunges and then boxing -- gloves and all! We moved into upper body -- doing pushups, flys with a resistance band, then abs (my weakness!), and finishing off with some meditation. By the end of the hour, I was wiped. So wiped in fact, that I was still sore two days later. What I liked about my workout was that I didn't need weights, didn't need much equipment and that Gidon pushed me beyond my comfort zone (the most important thing when you want to see results). Another bonus about G Force coming to you is that it saves you time -- a lot. As soon as they arrive you can start working out, so no wasting time travelling to the gym. When it comes to the nutrition aspect, they'll also help you out on that too and are all call for you 24/7. If you're in the GTA, I would highly recommend you checking them out. Really want a kick start? G Force is offering a week-long health based retreat in Mexico (for anyone in Canada) this October.

I had a chance to also ask Gidon some questions and get tips and tricks to ensure you're making the most out of your time!

Weddingbells: How should a bride divide her time between cardio and weight training if she wants to get the most fat loss/toning?

Gidon: The best, quickest and most time efficient way to train is to combine resistance training and cardio in each workout, to perform exercises which hit multiple muscle groups at once and use your largest muscle groups -- chest, back and legs. Doing one exercise after another without rest in between allows you to keep your heart rate up, making anything you do into a calorie-burning, cardio workout.

WB: What's the biggest mistake women make when trying to lose weight/tone up?

G: The biggest mistake women make when trying to lose weight and tone up is doing only cardio. This will certainly burn calories in the moment, but having lean muscle is what makes your body continue to burn calories all day long, even when you are at rest. Doing only cardio will not get you toned and firm at all, and will most likely result in the “skinny-fat” look – even though you may become a bit smaller, you’ll be mushier and softer too!

WB: What's the easiest thing to do to speed up fat loss?

G: The easiest thing to do to speed up fat-loss is to increase lean muscle and clean up your diet. Muscle consumes tons of calories to maintain itself, and eating properly makes the most of your workouts and helps you build and maintain that lean muscle. Many women are intimidated or turned off when they think of the word “muscle,” because they think of the hulking guys they see at the gym with road-maps of veins bulging down their arms. Not to worry -- this is not what will naturally happen to a woman when she incorporates resistance training into workouts and builds lean muscle. This lean muscle is what gives a woman’s body the shape and curves that everyone aims for. It’s what lifts and perks up the rear, narrows the waist to give that hourglass figure, and keeps common problem areas like thighs and the backs of the arms from jiggling.

WB: What foods are best for losing weight and staying full?

G: To lose weight and keep full, aim to consume lots of lean protein, (chicken, turkey, white fish), “good carbs”, (whole grains, yams, brown rice), “good fats”, (nuts, seeds, olive oil), and tons of fruit and veggies to make sure you are getting plenty of fibre to regulate digestion. There really is no magic diet or weight-loss secret out there. Eating fresh, natural, unprocessed foods is the only way to go. To keep yourself feeling full and your metabolism running high all day, make sure to eat small meals, every three hours or so. Avoiding sugar as much as possible is extremely important too -- no white bread, white pasta, white rice, cookies, cakes or candies!

WB: Mindfullness/meditation are a key part to your program. Do you have any tips for how this can translate into everyday life?

G: Mindfulness is being aware and in the moment. In training, this means really focusing on your goals, your muscles, and your movements as you go through your workout. In daily life, we can use the same technique when feeling stressed, overworked, or overwhelmed in tough situations. When this happens, pause and take a step back. Breathe, regroup, refocus, relax. Meditation doesn’t have to be the mystical, sitting-on-floor-cross-legged event that many people imagine it to be. Meditation can be simply taking a minute to breathe and focus, to close your eyes and realign your actions with your goals, to reflect. It can be done any time, anywhere, even sitting at your desk at work.

This article was originally published on Sep 17, 2010

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