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Everything You Need To Know About Microblading Your Eyebrows Before Your Wedding Day

  |  By Kimberly Aglipay
Everything You Need To Know About Microblading Your Eyebrows Before Your Wedding Day

In the world of pre-wedding beauty appointments, one of the key appointments is brow grooming. Whether that means getting them shaped and cleaned up or looking to enhance them, there is no doubt that brows are essential to framing your face and having you look your best on your big day. For brides who may need a bit of extra help in the brow department, microblading your brows—which is the process of applying a semi-permanent tattoo to fill in your brow shape—is definitely an option. In fact, it's a perfect option for brides, says Brittni Alexandra, founder of B. Beautiful Studio in Toronto, a beauty studio that specializes in brows, lashes and makeup application. "Regardless of your wedding day’s conditions, whether that be the climate or touching your face from getting emotional, there is no worry of your brows getting messed up," Alexandra explains. "Best of all, they are honeymoon ready! Just wake up and go!" Alexandra says a microblading appointment is a great gift to a bride-to-be as her "something new." "Just make sure you go to a well-trained professional, so your brows don't become your something blue!" she advises.

We asked Alexandra for her best tips on getting the procedure done as a pre-wedding appointment must.

How soon before her wedding day should a bride have her eyebrows microbladed? "The microblading process should definitely be complete before your wedding day. This means going to your first appointment at least twelve weeks before your wedding so you can have six weeks to heal before doing your touch up, and six weeks after your touch up to be 100% healed for your wedding day."

What is the microblading process like? Should someone go in for multiple sessions? "No, over doing it creates scared tissue on your face. When done correctly, microblading should only be done once with one touch up (minimal work) after you’ve healed. A recurring touch up once a year will keep your brows fresh and flawless."

How do you ensure your eyebrows are well-cared for before and after the process? "Everyone who comes in for a semi-permanent brow appointment MUST do a complimentary consultation first! This allows your esthetician to determine what style is best for you, if it’s safe for you and most important of all, time to review pre- and post- care. I send everyone home with an instruction card after the consultation. We also carry aftercare products for your brows to protect them for the long term. With products like brow sunscreen to prevent fading available at B.Beautiful, we’ve thought of it all."

Is the process painful? How long is one session? "This is very dependent on the individual. However, if you follow the pre-care instructions, it’s less likely you will have any discomfort. We topically numb the area and make sure you’re comfortable before we even begin. Remember the esthetician’s level of experience, their style and products used are going to largely contribute to this. Session time is about two hours, as it depends on the individual’s comfort level and the amount of work done. Typically, if it is not corrective work, it takes about 45 minutes to an hour."

Should a bride get her eyebrows touched up before her wedding? "Yes, the process should be 100% healed and complete before your wedding day or any event. During the healing process, you cannot put any products (including makeup) on your brows except aftercare products!"

Is microblading permanent? "No, it is semi permanent. This is dependant on the person’s skin type and most of all after care! Most of my clients get three years with minimal touch ups once a year to prevent re-doing them every three years and starting the process from scratch. It’s more timely and cost effective, not to mention the healing process is a lot quicker this way. Any permanent makeup can also be removed! We have a gentle technique that requires no lasers."

This article was originally published on Jul 31, 2019

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