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Every Dress From Ines Di Santo’s Stunning New Bridal Line

Ines by Ines di Santo Wedding Dresses - Posey Wedding Dress

Ines by Ines di Santo Wedding Dresses - Posey Wedding Dress

Ines Di Santo is renown as one of Canada’s superstar bridal designers who crafts dream dresses that are beyond exquisite and ethereal. If you are looking for glamour, drama and a couture confection, a gown by Di Santo is it.

“My design style is typically toward the side of glamour,” the designer shared with us. “It’s a place I am happy in as it allows for femininity with a good dose of strength. Women, given the opportunity are both lovely and strong. I love to play to both sides!”

We spoke with the designer about her thoughts on bridal fashion and her beautiful new line Ines by Ines Di Santo (see all the gorgeousness in the attached gallery).

Weddingbells: What is your bridal style philosophy? 

Ines Di Santo: “I have found over the years that listening for thoughts both spoken clearly and expressed subtly has been the single thing that has had the greatest influence on my design. If you focus your attention on a women, she will express what is important to her. It’s up to me as a designer to interpret who she is and design a gown that reflects her beauty and personality.”

WB: Who is the Ines Di Santo bride? 

IDS: “She is a woman that not only loves to wear beautiful designs, but also understands that her allure lies in her personality and that which she brings to the world that is unique to her.”

WB: What is the most important thing for a bride to consider when wedding dress shopping? 

IDS: “To select a gown that is completely you! Too often, a bride’s voice is diminished by well-intending relatives and friends. Feeling a connection is important so that she is able to find a gowns that reflects her taste and desires.

WB: Tell us about your new line Ines by Ines Di Santo? How is it different than your signature line?

IDS: “We wanted to create a line that featured on point designs and what brides want now. Ines by Ines Di Santo was created so I had the freedom to move my collection forward in a way that was perhaps not as safe as I could have in the past. I want to be able to be a visionary in this industry that I love so much, and this has allowed me to push forward and take chances. This collection also allows us to work with a wide variety of budgets, which is important for today’s bride.

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