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David Yurman Dishes Engagement Ring Trends

  |  By Alison McGill

ICYDK we are in the midst of engagement season, a magical window of time from Christmas through Valentine's Day when 35 per cent of proposals take place.

These days, women are more involved than ever in the selection of their engagement rings—it’s the most important piece of jewellery you’ll wear so being sure it’s perfect for you is paramount. And trust when we say, the man in your life is just fine with you providing input (because, you know, it will make his job easier!)

To get the scoop the hottest new engagement ring trends, we spoke to famed jewellery designer David Yurman and his wife Sybil, who collaborated on the dazzling new David Yurman Wedding Collection. Here the couple share the scoop on everything from the coolest ring styles to popular metals and whether or not size still matters.

Weddingbells: How important do you think it is for the bride to be involved in the selection of her ring?

Sybil Yurman: "I think deciding how and when a bride gets involved should be completely up to the couple. We do see more women visiting our bridal counters alone to try on different styles, metals, cuts, and I think that’s wonderful. We have also just re-launched the wedding experience on our website, which is a great resource to those browsing and wanting to learn more about diamonds and engagement rings."

WB: What are the hot ring styles for today’s modern bride and what style(s) do you think have had their day for now?

SY: "No one ring or collection is the most popular, there is a customer for every style and it just depends on personal preference. We are seeing more interest in unconventional styles such as our faceted Delaunay engagement rings (pictured) and men’s wedding band."

WB: Tell us about the David Yurman Wedding Collection. What is the inspiration? How many pieces are in the line and who is the David Yurman bride?

David Yurman: "I have always been a hunter of stones, including diamonds. When we started to think about creating bridal jewelry, we wanted to create unique rings that were designed and set around the stone; not the other way around. This way, no two rings are alike and each bride can have her own interpretation of both stone and design to match her lifestyle."

SY: "The collection is a continued evolution of our brand, and continues to be an incredibly popular category for us. Our established wedding collections include: Crossover, which features a criss-crossed pavé-set band and was originally inspired by my X Series of paintings. Wisteria is another one of my favorites, and features an intertwined band. Our new collections feature something for every bride-to-be: Lanai, which features pavé diamond-finished twist rings; Astor, which features wrapped wedding bands in yellow, rose or white gold; and Delaunay, which features the faceted metal engagement ring with a striking emerald-cut diamond set in the east-west orientation."

WB: There are many metal options available with engagement settings—what are your current favourites and how do you both feel about the metal choice impacting the presentation of a diamond?

DY: "While we always focus on the stone first, metal choice is also important. It would depend on the bride’s skin tone, and their personal style. We have seen a rise in desire for rose gold as of late, and it’s something that we are now offering more of in our wedding collections."

WB: Does size still matter when it comes to engagement rings?

SY: "I don’t think it should ever be about sheer size alone. For us, an engagement ring is about finding your own unique style and treasuring a piece of jewellery that will endure for years to come."

WB: We are now in the midst of engagement season what do you think makes for a romantic proposal?

DY: "A proposal is so unique to every couple. For us, I asked Sybil to marry me every other year for 11 years! Sybil knew we were a great team, but her Bohemian spirit had always resisted the idea of tying the knot. Finally, in 1979, after 11 years together, she was ready. On our way to the ceremony, Sybil asked me if I had the rings. I thought: 'Rings? What rings?' So, I ran back to our loft and soldered two simple gold bands together —one band for Sybil, double bands for me. We still have them. These rings still symbolize our partnership, the shapes and forms we create together."

This article was originally published on Jan 16, 2017

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