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Blue Topaz Cluster Earrings

I just discovered a cool DIY jewellery site you’ll definitely want to check out. New on the market, Shenya let’s customers create their own pieces of jewellery — from bracelets to earrings and necklaces, all with the simple click of a button (I’m told rings and hair accessories are coming). The way it works is you drag and drop the pieces you want onto a digital canvas and after you can publish to let others see what you’ve created (or buy!). It’s also really cool because you can see the price upfront, which is particularly good if you’re working with a strict budget. If you don’t think you’re super creative or just want to see what others have made, you can browse through other people’s designs (like these Blue Topaz earrings I found).

It takes about 28 days for the jewellery to be designed, which is actually handmade by local craftsmen. When the piece is complete, it comes in a silk pouch with a handwritten note from the artisan. We also think this is a really great idea for bridesmaids gifts, since you can create exactly what you’re looking for. While it doesn’t say on the website, they do in fact ship to Canada, so you can get creative now!

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