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Designer Christos Costarellos On How To Create A Luxe Boho Bridal Style

  |   By Alison McGill

Greek designer Christos Costarellos is not new on our wedding style radar—his incredible gowns have been taking our breath away for a few seasons now. He may not be quite a household name yet in North America but trust, he is well on his way.

Costarellos made his first trip to Canada with his dreamy 2018 dresses for a recent trunk show at White Toronto, exclusive Canadian retailer of the line. We caught up with the charming and uber-talented designer to learn more about what inspires him about designing bridal, his favourite looks and what he believes makes for a bride's perfect dress.

Weddingbells: What is your bridal style philosophy?
Christos Costarellos: “The brand’s philosophy in bridal can be described as luxury-bohemian-modern-classic.”

WB: Who is the Christos Costarellos bride? CC: “I believe my work combines a classical, understated elegance with bold femininity and sensuality. In that sense, I design for women who have a strong personality and are not afraid to show it -- women that are both classy and edgy and have a new, modern perspective.”

WB: What is the most important thing for a bride to consider when wedding dress shopping?  CC: “When the time comes for the future bride to go shopping the important thing when looking in the mirror is to see herself and feel beautiful. Because when a girl loves herself and the way she looks then she radiates confidence, elegance and beauty.”

WB: Your dresses are modern, luxe and a touch bohemian...where do you find inspiration for your designs? CC: “The Greek landscape, history and tradition are at the heart of each of my collections and my bridal line is no exception. Moreover, art, theatre and cinema, literature and even a walk through a city functions as a source of inspiration.”

WB: Do you have a favourite celebrity bride? Who and why did you love her style? CC: “Currently, I am in the process of developing a custom design for a very well-known lady, but I cannot reveal any more at this moment! Selecting a favourite celebrity bride is difficult as I believe every woman is unique and her distinct personality and style identity is reflected on her wedding day.”

WB: Complete this sentence: "A bride's perfect dress is…” CC: “…the one that reveals her real self and inner beauty.”


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