Dazzling Wedding Day Nails

Last week, I visited one of Toronto’s top beauty spots Tips Nail Bar for an outrageously amazing mani and pedi. I’ve known Tips owner Leeanne Colley for years and she has twice been crowned the best in Canadian nails at the Contessa Awards. Her salon is a favourite of Toronto editors and is always buzzing! The day I was there Leeanne and her staff of four were booked back-to-back. A specialty at Tips is OPI’s amazing Axxium, a long-lasting gel applied to nails that stays fresh for two weeks. My next visit to Tips I will try Axxium, but this time I was feeling sparkly and went with two gorgeous glittery Deborah Lippmann polishes: the turquoise Across the Universe on toes and Ruby Red Slippers on tips. To say my nails were dazzling is a gross understatement—pure fabulousness! During my pedicure with the lovely Yumukio, she told me all about trends in bridal nails in her native Japan. According to her, Japanese brides take nails over the top on their big day, favouring bright colours, jewels and delicate nail art. I love this wedding razzle-dazzle! In this spirit, I’m going to totally recommend trying on some of the glittery Debroah Lippmann shades I used for my manicure, or maybe one of these lovelies (left to right): Happy Birthday, Boom Boom Pow or Bad Romance.


4 comments on “Dazzling Wedding Day Nails
  1. Yumiko says:

    This is such a great post Alison! Thanks for including me.
    Here is a link to some images I was speaking to you about. Straight out of Japan! Enjoy!



  2. Yumiko says:

    Hi Alison! This is such a great post! Thank you for including me. Here is a link to some images I was speaking about. Enjoy!



  3. Denise says:

    I have discovered sparkle just recently as well, but I think my option is even more reasonably priced. I bought a couple different bottles of coloured glitter nailpolish, and I just use them OVER my regular colours. I get compliments on my nails all the time, but from both women and men, and I think it looks very “rock star”. lots of fun….

  4. Emily says:

    Oh wow, what fun nails! So festive too!

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