The Most Dazzling Diamond Engagement Rings

The Most Dazzling Diamond Engagement Rings

Nearly every woman on the verge of becoming engaged has a rough idea in her head about the type of engagement ring she’s after, whether that’s a jaw-dropping oval centre stone with a dainty band or a classic cushion cut stone with a pavé halo setting and band. Ultimately personal style preferences will dictate the type of ring that’s right for each particular girl, but there’s one thing that every woman will agree has to part of the equation: an eye-catching diamond.

Every girl wants a dazzling diamond engagement ring that she can proudly show off, so sparkle factor is paramount. Luckily, Forevermark has just released a new diamond collection with exactly this in mind.

With a focus on supreme symmetry and maximum light reflection, the stones used in Forevermark’s Black Label diamond collection are a cut above. The difference lies in where and how the cuts are placed on each diamond: Each is hand-crafted and measured down to the micron to produce a “Compass of Light™,” a symmetrical pattern of arrows within the stone’s geometry that makes its sparkle even more jaw-dropping.

Available in round, square, cushion, and oval, the Black Label Collection is the most exclusive collection of diamond cuts ever conceived. And with Forevermark’s strict standards for quality and responsibly sourcing, you’ll be proudly showing off your glittering gem even on your golden wedding anniversary.

Think the love of your life is getting ready to pop the question? Help him pick the most dazzing diamond engagement ring possible by exploring these new designs from Forevermark’s Black Label Collection and sending him your favourite!

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