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Day 81: Two Wedding Dresses for Kate?

  |   By Nicole Keen

An adorable reception dress option by Watters.

Some recent quotes from Bruce Oldfield (who is rumoured to be Kate Middleton's wedding dress designer) have given rise to speculation that Kate may wear not one but TWO dresses on her wedding day! Oldfield told the Today show that Kate would have a "special dress in the evening."


Day 81: Two Wedding Dresses for Kate?

If Kate does decide to change after the ceremony, she'll be right on trend. Many brides are switching things up and opting for short, flirty dresses for their receptions. We'd love to see Kate dance the night away in a sleek little white dress like this one by Watters (pictured). It's also possible that Kate has plans for a going-away outfit. This wonderful tradition has waned in recent memory, but something tells us it'll be right back at the forefront if Kate opts for a change of clothes before leaving for her honeymoon. Perhaps Kate will follow in the footsteps of Princess Diana who donned a custom-designed pink ensemble by David Sassoon post-wedding.

This article was originally published on Feb 07, 2011

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