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Fashion & Beauty

Current Obsession: Accessories by Dessy

  |   By Nicole Keen

Dessy's tktktkt clutch.

I've been trolling the Internet in search of inspiration for some upcoming photoshoots, and I ended up lost on I've always been a fan of their bridesmaids' dresses, but I was pleasantly surprised to find so many adorable accessories on their site! Fabulous—and affordable—floral brooches, headbands, shoes and pearl necklaces make perfect prezzies for your girls (and we also suggest picking some up for yourself). I'm so smitten with these Peep Toe Satin Ballet Flats (see below) that I'm tempted to pick them up in every colour. In addition to ivory, these snazzy shoes are also available in some of my favourite shades of the season: turquoise (oasis), mustard yellow (marigold) and burgundy (claret). Which brings me to the best part of all about these accessories: they're available in an array of hues that can be perfectly matched with your wedding's decor. Happy shopping!

This article was originally published on Aug 11, 2010

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