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These Are The Crystals You Need For Your Wedding Day

These Are The Gemstones You Need For Your Wedding Day - Necklace

Photography by Sherri Poirier.

The healing properties of gemstones and crystals are being embraced now more than ever. This current trend— which has attracted interest from celebs such Gwyneth Patrow and Victoria Beckham—has now taken the bridal world by storm. And why shouldn’t it? After all, a wedding is a huge milestone, and one that can bring on a bundle of emotions.

Couples looking to incorporate the balancing powers of crystals into their big day can turn to Nova Scotia-based gemstone company Lisa Young Lee. All of the brand’s jewellery designs and gems go through an 11-step energy cleansing process, which includes an Japanese energy healing technique called reiki healing. “In order to harness the healing energy of gemstones, they need to be pure of unwanted energies that may be absorbed when handled,” founder Lisa Young Lee explains. “The process of mining, cutting, polishing, assembling, shipping and selling gemstones, leaves the gems touched by many hands and potentially exposed to negative energies before reaching the customer.”

The reason why gemstones are perfect for your wedding day? Their healing properties can help relieve stress and reduce any nerves you might feel. “They are used as tools to assist with achieving calm, positive energy, obtaining higher knowledge, promoting good health and pain relief, attracting love and prosperity, and so much more,” Young Lee shares.

To harness the powers of your gemstones and healing jewellery, Young Lee says you should rub the stones, creating something called a “piezoelectric effect”, when energy or electric charge is accumulated by applying pressure to a gemstone. We’ll show you a few key stones that are ideal for your big day.

These Are The Gemstones You Need For Your Wedding Day - Rose Quartz Puffy Heart Stone

Rose Quartz Puffy Heart Stone, $85, Photography by Sherri Poirier.

These Are The Gemstones You Need For Your Wedding Day - Rose Quartz Bracelet

Pure Love, Integrity And Calm Bracelet, $249, Photography by Chrissie Green.

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz is also known as the “love stone.” “This pink stone’s gentle energy emanates unconditional love and healing for all matters of the heart,” Young Lee says. “It’s excellent for attracting romantic love, the love of family and friends, and self-love.” For brides and grooms with pre-wedding jitters, it can clear away any fears and provide comfort.

These Are The Gemstones You Need For Your Wedding Day - Moonstone Bracelet

Pure Love And New Beginnings Bracelet, $244, Photography by Chrissie Green.

Moonstone, also known as the “dream stone,” encourages calm and confidence. It’s a great stone for new beginnings, including embarking on a new journey with your new spouse. Passion, inspiration and prosperity are just some of the things the stone enhances.

These Are The Gemstones You Need For Your Wedding Day - Aventurine Bracelet

Good Fortune, Love And Harmony Bracelet, $269. Photography by Chrissie Green.

Who doesn’t want good fortune, love and harmony on their big day and onward? Aventurine is known for luck and prosperity. It’s also said to bring harmony and balance between two spouses and helps promote mental clarity and positive thinking.

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