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How To Create Your Perfect Wedding Makeup Look

  |   By Nikki Strachan

Just like finding your perfect dress is a journey, so too is creating your perfect bridal makeup. The key to nailing it down is building a relationship with your wedding makeup artist. Getting to know his or her makeup vibe and their thoughts on what works for you and your personal style are things which are all integral to planning your bridal look. I personally have worked with many brides, so I know having a great relationship with my client is essential and there are definitely some key conversations and questions that need to happen.

First and foremost, you need to discuss skincare and any treatments and procedures (waxing, facials, prejuvenation, etc.) you may be having. You need to know when to book these in advance of your wedding—you want to look flawless and eliminate the risk of any skin irritation. I advise booking services at least a week prior to the wedding day to ensure you don’t have any type of redness or reaction.

When it comes to your actual makeup look, you need to communicate what you love to your artist. Discuss how you look everyday, what elements you love about that look and how you would like to amp it up for your wedding day. Do you want a romantic vibe? Glam vibe? No-makeup-makeup vibe? From there you can start isolating key areas of the face and build out the look.

While skin finish, cheek colour and lip shade and texture are all important things to discuss, I think the feature you will spend the most time deciding how to highlight is your eyes. You want them standing out as the star of the show, looking bright and beautiful which means spending extra time on choosing the perfect shadow and liner combo. I always ask my clients to choose a shadow palette containing shades you love (ones with pearly bronze and silky finishes are best) then we will create a total beauty look using this as inspo. For eyeliner, you need to decide if you want a polished line, a smoky smudgy finish, a kitten flick? Your artist will be able to guide you on what looks best on your eye and pick the perfect style for you!

Nikki Strachan has been working at a professional makeup artist for over 14 years and is currently the key makeup artist for Your MorningThe Social and an instructor at Toronto’s George Brown College with a focus on bridal makeup. She has beautified numerous celebrities and brides and loves to bring a trend-focused eye to all her clients' beauty looks. 

This article was originally published on Apr 11, 2019

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