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How To Create The Perfect Vintage Bridal Fashion Vibe

vintage bridal fashion

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A throwback wedding style that’s romantic and beautifully boho is one that’s on many bride-to-be’s radar, but creating the perfect vintage fashion look can be more challenging than you think. The perfect dress is often the star element that will set the style for the day. Trista Smith is the creator of Vancouver Island-based Reclamation, a fashion label designed and constructed in British Columbia and she creates the most dreamy vintage wedding gowns that mix both old and new materials.

“My line merges the two by creating lovely one of a kind pieces infused with meaning, intention and purpose and are made with reclaimed materials,” Smith explains. “I love reclaimed vintage lace. There is a sweet and palpable energy to it. I attribute that to the care and love that has been bestowed upon it over the years by all the grannies who cherished each table cloth and piece of linen and lace. I’m grateful to them every time I find an especially gorgeous piece!”

Weddingbells: What are the key fashion elements for a bride looking to rock a vintageinspired look?
Trista Smith: “I love the timeless effortless beauty that comes with a great vintage style. I do have a few key tips for vintage brides. First, do your research! Spend time creating style boards for yourself which reflect your favourite looks and style eras you love. You can see how they fit together and go with your overall wedding theme. Secondly, choose a dress that fits your body type. One thing I really love about vintage style is that 40 years ago fashion catered to the average size woman. The vintage inspired dress is intended to shape a body that is not a size zero which is a great option for most women. Lastly, when curating your vintage look don’t forget about shoes and accessories. Don’t discount the uniqueness and romance of choosing authentic vintage pieces. You might love the hunt as much as I do! And these authentic accessories are often much less expensive than what you’d find in the mall.”

WB: Do you have a favourite fabric or design silhouette you think embodies a vintage bride?
TS: “At this time my favourite vintage-inspired style features gorgeous lace sleeves and deep plunging necklines. My current collection merges the sultry silhouettes of the roaring 20s with all the romance of boho-chic style. The results are dresses that flow and move with weighty crochet lace and sleeves for days. There are even some tassels in there for good measure.”

WB: What’s the most important thing you think a bride needs to consider when it comes to finding her perfect wedding gown?
TS: “The most important thing a bride should consider when choosing a dress is how she feels about it. It’s easy to listen to outside opinions and current trends get in the way of that “feeling” deep in the belly. My advice is to let yourself be still and take in how you feel at the moment you see a dress that speaks to you. Let your intuition and heart guide you to the dress that was made to be yours. The dress that makes your heart sing will always make you happiest.”

Photo courtesy of Myrtle & Moss Photography

WB: Do you have a famous wedding dress that you love? If yes, why and what do you love about it?
TS: “I adore Audrey Hepburn’s wedding dress with its three quarter length puffed sleeves and high peter pan collar. I love her floral crown and simple elegant make up. She embodied romance, girlishness and true style like nobody else ever has.”

WB: Complete this sentence: “A vintage vibe is perfect for a bride
TS: “…who wants to immerse herself in a timeless style and beauty. The great thing about vintage style is it’s already won! There’s no worries that you’ll have regrets as you look back on photos of your fur corset and feather skirt dress chosen because it was all the rage in Paris. When you thoughtfully curate a vintage style wedding look you know that your efforts will be rewarded with compliments and admiration. Vintage style wins every time.”

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