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CND’s “Yes, I Do” Collection Is A Bridal-Beauty Must

  |   By Nhuma Camero

If there is ever a time to take extra TLC with your nails, your wedding is it! All eyes will be on your hands from engagement onwards, so having perfectly groomed and beautifully polished nails is essential. The experts at CND™ have launched “Yes, I Do,” a gorgeous new colour collection created expressly for brides, and the four-shade lineup is romantic, modern, fresh and fun to play with to create your own bespoke shade and wedding look.

The “Yes, I Do” collection is available in all three of CND’s polish formulations: CND Vinylux™ Long Wear Polish, CND SHELLAC™ Gel Polish and CND SHELLAC LUXE™ Gel Polish. The soft-shades palette offers a variety of finishes from opaque to semi-sheer tones which can be layered and combined to create your perfect neutral. The colours are:

White Wedding: a pretty pearlized white that delivers a gleaming finish.

Bouquet: a barely-there blush shade for just a hint of an iridescent glow.

Veiled: this creamy nude delivers the perfect warm hint of colour

Forever Yours: an elegant peachy-pink that packs a pretty punch.

CND Co-Founder and Style Director, Jan Arnold, says the beautiful neutral shades of the “Yes, I Do” collection were designed with the idea of brides playing with them to create subtle, creative variations on classic wedding day manis. “I absolutely love a surreal twist on the French Manicure,” Arnold says. “Use the white intended for the tip and the nude found usually on the nail bed base and mix it up by writing love messages in white over nude, swirling the white over the nude for a marbleized effect or even use white dots and stripes on the nude base. Pick up the pattern in the grooms tie or your wedding flowers that you love and have some fun with monochromatic patterns.”

Arnold also says the collection was created expressly for brides because she believes nails are the ultimate bridal accessory. “Expression, refinement, attention to detail and connection are what hands express, especially on the most special day in a woman’s life,” Arnold explains. “Nails need to be ready for their close-up. Perfectly meditated with intimate messages showcased with the highest most reflective shine. And I also recommend for the actual wedding day a bride chooses CND SHELLAC™ so nails are a picture of perfection through the wedding and on to the honeymoon!”

The CND “Yes, I Do” collection is available now as a salon service nationwide.  Visit the salon locator on to find Shellac™ Brand certified professionals.

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