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This Canadian Designer Created Two Special Pairs Of Bridal Shoes For Her Wedding

  |  By Kimberly Aglipay

Elle AyoubZadeh, founder of luxury footwear brand Zvelle, is no stranger to creating gorgeous shoes for special occasions. When choosing what to wear on her feet on her own wedding day, she knew she had to design something extra-special. "The inspiration for our shoes came from one of Zvelle's first designs—the "Rayna" style," AyoubZadeh shares. "I wanted to design something I could wear beyond our wedding day, something that felt very me and very Zvelle."

Wanting to match her rose-gold engagement ring, AyoubZadeh chose rose gold metallic leather to design two pairs of shoes: one being pumps, the other sling-back heels. "Rose gold is not very common in shoes, and I loved how modern it looked and felt," she says. "The combination of rose gold leather and clear PVC gave the shoes a glass slipper effect."

She also looked to her wedding dress for inspiration. "I fell in love with my wedding dress because of the details and craftmanship," AyoubZadeh says. "I tend to like strong architectural shapes, and a lot of subtle details—my dress is full of a million little details, and so were my ring and shoes."

For AyoubZadeh, comfort on her wedding day and every-day was key in designing her perfect shoes. "When you're comfortable, you're more poised and elegant," she explains. "There's nothing more attractive than a woman who feels good all around."

Her advice for brides choosing their wedding-day shoes? "Go with what your heart desires, and what you feel great in," AyoubZadeh advises. "Don't feel like you have to follow any type of rules—don't be afraid of colour, and don't work so hard on matching!"

Her bridal shoe designs will live on well after her wedding day. "We've received such great feedback on the styles I've designed and worn at the wedding, we'll be putting them into production."

Want to see photos from Elle's dreamy destination wedding in Venice? Click here.

This article was originally published on Aug 17, 2018

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