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Canadian Designer Catherine Langlois On 2021 Trends, Celebrity Brides And Making A Wedding Style Statement

  |  By Alison McGill

Dress by Bride by Catherine Langlois. Photography by Alvaro Goveia as seen in this shoot.

Toronto-based wedding designer Catherine Langlois of Bride by Catherine Langlois is renowned for her romantic and innovative designs using unexpected fabrics and silhouettes. The designer shares the love of her craft is about more than bringing beautiful gowns to life; it also brings a feeling of serenity to her days. “Designing beautiful things gives me a sense of inner peace, that all will be well with the world,” she shares. “To be able to give people a fragment of beauty is a truly a special gift.”

We recently caught up with Langlois who is about to launch her 2021 designs to talk iconic wedding looks and what is unique about Canadian brides wedding style.

Who is the Catherine Langlois bride?
“A bride who has a sense of self,; who appreciates the experience of design and quality of work put into her gown; who wants to be a bit different but still follows trends; who wants to be timeless yet fashion-forward.”

Tell us about your current collection and what we can expect for 2021.
“I have two collections in the works, I couldn't fit all the ideas into one and this year with all its challenges gave me ample time to work on them. Love Blooms is inspired by the beauty and hopefulness of the garden, full of pastel shades with voluminous gowns and plenty of detailing. Peau de soie might make an appearance again, Sleeves, unexpected uses of tulle and pretty details. NorthStar is inspired and named after Canadian women who followed their own star. Dresses are crepe or chiffon with the modern yet romantic and feminine look I am known for. Laces and detailing will hearken back to Edwardian looks, but there is plenty of chic contemporary sparkle. This collection will have sample sizes in 6, 14 and 18.”

A bride wants a standout bridal look...what do you recommend for a statement bridal style?
“I love two looks. A dead simple dress with one standout romantic detail (an enormous bow, a cape, a overdress or a dramatic veil). Or a wildly romantic over the top couture inspired ball gown with loads of detailing or volumes of fabric. My personal taste inclines toward the second, and when designing dresses that is definitely my happy place.”

Dress by Bride By Catherine Langlois. Photography by Alvaro Goveia as seen in this shoot.

You are a Canadian label, what do you find Canadian brides look for in a dress?
“I'm finding many brides are injecting a bit of their culture into their wedding dress. It may be as subtle as a bride with a Spanish background desiring a gown which is more modest with a European vibe (lace, long sleeves, high neckline). Or an East Indian bride wanting her own version of a fusion look—having a colored wedding dress in a Western style or a traditional Indian dress in western bridal fabric.”

Most iconic celebrity bride (s) and why?
“Grace Kelly will never fall out of favour, nor will Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy. However, two recent brides have really inspired me. Nicky Hilton (a modern-day Grace Kelly) and the recent wedding of Princess Beatrice. It was brilliant, and so beautifully captured the vintage/consignment/upcycling trend—she tapped into that with the best closet in the world to choose from!”

Dress by Bride By Catherine Langlois. Photography courtesy of Marissa Joan Ho and Trisha Robinson as seen in this real wedding.

Veil or no veil?
“I adore veils, I didn't wear one and regret that style decision. A simple dress calls out for a statement veil, a more elaborate or whimsical dress is finished with a sheer veil. Besides, when else do you have the opportunity to wear such a romantic item?”

Heels or flats?
"Wedge or platform. You need to be comfortable, there is nothing worse than painful feet—it just ruins your day. Also, you need a shoe with height on your wedding day, dresses just look better.”

Finish this sentence: "My favourite moment with my brides is...."
“Seeing the photographs of the wedding day. As a designer I never experience the beautiful glow of a wedding day—the emotion, the hair, make-up, the finishing touches and the location. When I receive a photo it makes me so content to look at everything pulled together. It also gives me and ‘aha’ moment when I fully realize the style decisions.”

This article was originally published on Oct 19, 2020

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