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Fashion & Beauty

Bye-Bye Split Ends

  |   By Stephanie Gray

For those of you growing out your hair for your wedding, split ends are pretty much inevitable, as you're probably trying to maximize the time between cuts. If you do any heat styling or colouring, then you know exactly what I'm talking about. Instead of chopping everything off, there is actually a new product coming out in the market that will bind your split ends. Created by Nexxus, PRO-MEND is a new patented technology that literally binds the hair together. The real star product is the Split End Binding Overnight Treatment Crème ($15), which you put on before you sleep.


Bye-Bye Split Ends

During their studies they found it fixed 94% of split ends. We also appreciate that the formula is designed to stay on your hair, not the bed linens. To get the maximum benefit, there is a shampoo, conditioner and even a leave-in conditioner you can include. It sounds really crazy, but it actually works! You can actually see it under a microscope. Expect to see the products on shelves later this month.

This article was originally published on Feb 09, 2011

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