Affordable Bridesmaid Dresses Under $150

Red Bridesmaid's Dress

Your girlfriends invest a lot when they take on the responsibility of being your bridesmaids. Think of the endless hours of tying ribbons on your favours, the assembly line of stationery gluing, and the time and effort spent organizing your bridal shower and bachelorette. Not to mention, each girl will still need to shell out money for the necessities like her day-of accessories, hair, makeup and most importantly, her dress. Bridesmaid dresses can be quite the expense, and not every bridesmaid gets a say on which dress they can spend their money on.

Since your girls do so much for you, make sure you’re also taking them into consideration when you select bridesmaids dresses. You’ll want to make sure they dresses you suggest are both flattering and affordable. We’ve picked 20 beautiful bridesmaid dresses under $150 for every type of wedding–some even as low as $39! These budget-friendly picks will keep your bridesmaids happy and ensure they all look stunning on your big day.


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