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Fashion & Beauty

Bridesmaid’s Attire

  |   By Roseanne Dela Rosa

Confession time. I’m not a big fan of the cloned bridesmaids’ dresses! If anything, I’d rather wear something that I can look stylish in, feel comfortable about in my own body and plan to re-wear again (especially if I’m forking out the cash for it!). Now that I’ve put that out there, it seems that next year is the year of weddings for me.


Bridesmaid’s Attire

I’ve got three (as far as I know) and, yes, I am a bridesmaid. One of my good friends Alvie just asked me a few weeks ago, and she’s been totally great (non-bridezillaish). So far, she has e-mailed all the girls images of bridesmaids’ dresses that she really likes, and thank goodness she’s been asking for our input because I really, REALLY think that there’s nothing worse than being stuck in a frilly ’80s prom dress—puffy sleeves and all! The styles she sent were pretty and there were a variety to choose from. But, as an option (just thought I would send my feelers out there), I recommended that she give us the swatch colours she wanted and allow us to pick our own styles. I’ve seen tons of real weddings recently where the bridesmaids got to wear different styles, and it looked really pretty on and off camera. So if she does decide to let us pick our own styles, I’ve got my eye on this short and sweet dress from Jim Hjelm’s 2009 Occasions collection. I love the simplicity of it, the cute flower on the straps and best of all—the pockets—too cute!

Ps. Rumour has it we’ll be having a bridesmaid’s blog up and running shortly (I actually know who it is!) and she’ll have plenty of advice and stories (hilarious and heartwarming) to offer—keep an eye out for it in the New Year!

This article was originally published on Dec 08, 2008

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