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Bridal Style Tips From Famed Designer Pnina Tornai

  |  By Roseanne Dela Rosa

Pnina Tornai’s gowns will be available in Toronto at Kleinfeld’s opening in May.

Die-hard Say Yes to the Dress fans can easily spot a Pnina Tornai dress from a mile a way. Pnina’s signature corset-style gowns with billowy tulle and Swarovski crystal details have become among the most coveted bridal couture creations available. “My wedding gowns are all very sexy yet feminine,” Pnina explains. “They’re for the bride who wants to look beautiful, not so traditional, but still elegant at the same time. I just love dresses the accentuate the femininity of the woman.” Although known for her ballgown and fit-and-flare designs, Pnina Tornai's 2014 collection for Kleinfeld indicates that she can also create demure pieces with a beautiful twist. A Kleinfeld favourite, not just on the show but also amongst brides, we caught up with designer to learn more about what inspires her work.

Q: How did you get into the bridal fashion industry? A: “The age of four I started sketching, on the wall of our house. But, it wasn’t until much later, when I was in my twenties, that I had a dream about this amazing dress. I took that as a sign from God and went into the bridal industry.”

Q: Where does your inspiration come from? A: “From everywhere: dreams, travelling, movies like Alice in Wonderland, and from the brides themselves. When, I’m asked to create something custom, I get inspired by their style as well as their likes and dislikes.”

Q: To date, what’s the most memorable dress you’ve created? A: “Tough question. But, there is this one bride who had the most amazing blue eyes. She was getting married in Greece. I was inspired by her eyes to sketch up this beautiful dress with a blue tint covered with tons of Swarovski crystals. It was gorgeous. When I drew it out for her, she literally had tears in her eyes. Was very moving for the both of us.”

Q: What can we expect for your next collection? A: “I’m working on a few things. I want to introduce a ready-to-wear Sari-inspired piece, as well as destination wedding-inspired dresses. You’ll still see my signature elements, but I want to combine a lightweight dress with some beading and lace or maybe a combination of both.”

Q: What’s the best advice you can give brides who are still shopping for their wedding dresses? A: “Make sure you bring the right people when you go shopping for your dress. Bring those that you love most and are very comfortable with. Also, don’t try too many different styles on and don’t try too many dresses on in one day. Pace yourself and you’ll eventually find the right wedding gown for you.”


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