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The Prettiest Bridal Hair Accessories For 2017

  |  By Alison McGill
The Prettiest Bridal Hair Accessories For 2017
hair jewellery Photo via Dolce & Gabanna

Wondering what to wear in your wedding hair? You need to think not only of the accessory piece, but of your hair style too. Hair pro Tony Masciangelo, co-owner of Toronto’s Alcorn Hair and on-set regular with Weddingbells, says these are two bridal style elements that absolutely must synergize! “The beauty of today’s wedding hair accessories is that they are completely different than those of decades ago,” Masciangelo shares. There are so many beautiful options—from veils and hairbands to florals—that are delicate, romantic, graphic and dramatic.

Masciangelo says the key to finding the right one is to strike a balance between your accessory, hair and makeup, so nothing overpowers you. Have an open and honest conversation with your stylist so everything works together to create a look that is elegant and timeless.

Here's Masciangelo's expert advice when it comes to accessories and hair options:

Hair Jewellery “I’m talking about modern tiaras and bejewelled hairbands that add a glamorous finish to a bridal look. The key when working with these types of accessories is to ensure the final look is beautiful and elegant, never too “princessy.” I suggest wearing hair down with these types of accessories, in a style that’s easy with some wave and texture to it. This creates a gorgeous modern look. You may want to consider playing with your hair jewellery too—wear something a little daintier for your ceremony then switch into a more dramatic piece for your party.”

veil hair accessory Photo via Marchesa

Veils “I have recently seen some exquisite veils with spectacular lace edges and barely-there diaphanous fabrics. If you choose to wear a veil, it’s one of the biggest bridal style statements you can make—it’s a gorgeous and dramatic accessory. With that in mind, when it comes to your hairstyle paired with a veil, I always advise the cleaner and less fussy the better. I love a beautiful chignon with a delicate and feminine shape—you don’t want to overwhelm your face with hair and fabric, so I always advocate for a simple updo as a perfect match for a veil.”

flowers as bridal hair accessories Photo via Marchesa

Flowers “I LOVE flowers in the hair for a bride. There is something so fresh and romantic about the look. It can work for a simple boho style or for a more urban girl vibe, and for a warm-weather destination wedding I think it’s almost a must. I love loose blooms like orange blossoms and freesia, which smell amazing and are soft and feminine. Wearing hair half up and half down is a great way to incorporate florals into your look, and adding delicate and interesting braided details into your style is a recipe for heavenly bridal hair.”

This article was originally published on Apr 07, 2017

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