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Fashion & Beauty

Bridal Beauty Pick of the Week

  |   By Alison McGill

I've decided to dedicated my Wednesday blogs to a beauty item I'm loving and that I think is essential for your wedding day (and most times your everyday) beauty kit. Kicking off my first post is a fabulous skin-fix.

WHAT: Clarins Flash Beauty Balm ($50 for 50ml)

WHY: Who doesn't want brighter, tighter skin? This is especially essential in photographs and there's probably no day in your life you'll be snapped as much as on your wedding day. Beauty Flash Balm is a Clarins cult-classic, a silky elixir that you smooth (not rub!) on skin after cleansing and moisturizing to give the skin 'bounce.' Use it as a primer and apply makeup immediately after application, or use as a facial mask (apply a generous layer and tissue off after 15 minutes) to revive tired skin.

This article was originally published on Feb 16, 2011

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