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Fashion & Beauty

Blushing Bride

  |   By Michelle Rosen

Stila Convertible Colour in Petunia.

Totally all over the runways for fall, but always a staple in my kit, hot pink blush brightens up your face in an instant and makes you feel a million times prettier and more awake!  It might look frightening in the package, a little on the eighties racer stripe vibe, but steering away from bright blushes has to be one of the biggest misconceptions with makeup.  In fact, when applied properly and sparingly, hot pink blush looks fresher and far more natural than a muted browny pink or beige shade.


Blushing Bride

I like to use both cream and powder blush, sometimes both at the same time in fact. I often find that I love the dewy and translucent look and feel of a cream blush, but to make it last I add a light dust of powder blush in a similar shade to help set it. My absolute favourite cream blush is Stila Convertible Colour in Petunia. This one can be used on both the cheeks and lips and is hands down one of the most flattering colours no matter what your skin type. For a powder option, I love Bobbi Browns' pale pink Blush #9. Again, it looks bright and scary in the package, but goes on beautifully.

A little trick and tip for an easier application, try putting on your cream blush with a firm round blush brush instead of your fingers.  Be sure to test and dab the colour onto your hand or a tissue before touching your face. Do a soft smile and apply it to the apples of your cheeks. Then use the brush to blend the colour up and outwards as you would a powder. You might find you have far more control and is easier to blend.

This article was originally published on Aug 19, 2009

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