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The Best Wedding Hair For 2019

  |  By Alison McGill
The Best Wedding Hair For 2019

Next to your dress, the biggest style decision you need to make for your wedding day is about your hair. Do you need to grow it? Do you have to wear an updo? Can you wear it short and sassy? We needed to call in an expert for this one and asked one of our favourites, colourist and stylist Jason Lee at Serge Normant at John Freida in New York and owner of Jason Lee Salon in Toronto to answer ALL of our wedding hair questions (and more!).

What is your favourite look for wearing hair down? “The ever-popular beach waves have evolved into a much softer and looser appearance I love that. The waves should brushed out a little and less defined. Another great addition could be a simple veil or few hair accessories add some subtle detail if the dress permits.”

Wedding updos… hit or a miss for 2019 brides? “Choosing a hairstyle for a bride whether up or down should always reflect the theme of the wedding along with the details of her dress.  If the theme is bohemian or whimsical, wear hair down or loosely up to echo the experience of the wedding. If the theme is more formal, then it makes sense to consider an up style that is a little more structured. So while it seems wearing hair down is the current day trend, it really depends on what is the right decision for the overall concept. I feel for brides, hair for 2019 should be worn in a more natural appearance without too much going on. I am personally nota big fan of braids or twists for 2019, the look should be classic and clean. Timeless options such as a low ponytail, a chignon or half up should be simple and not too busy or elaborate.”

Short-hair for brides? Discuss. “I love it! The silhouette of short hair and a wedding dress is beautiful and I think should happen more often. I also think the hair should be simple and not overly styled. A soft 60’s Mia Farrow pixie cut looks amazing on a bride and if the hair is a bob, it should just be softly waved or worn straight and possibly tucked behind one ear.”

What celebrity wedding hair do you love? “I always refer back to John F. Kennedy Jr. and Carolyn Bessette’s timeless wedding because in 1996 she single handedly made the low chignon the perfect hairstyle for decades to come. That’s my favourite wedding hair of all time! More recently I also loved Miley Cyrus’ hair at her private wedding to Liam Hemsworth because it was just so healthy and shiny and simple. A very subtle wave and beautiful color allowed her hair to not steal the attention but just help to support her overall bridal style. Another all time fave was Solange’s wedding hair. Worn naturally, her hair complimented the entire aesthetic of her very cool wedding.”

Do most brides come to you with an idea of what they want for their hair, or do you do the steering? How important is a stylist’s expertise when it comes to wedding hair? “The consultation is the key moment when planning your wedding hair. It’s always very important your hairstylist understands the theme of the wedding, any details happening such as where photos will be taken, time of the year (in order to understand the level of heat, wind or humidity which can affect the hairstyle) and details of the dress. I always love when a bride has a few ideas in her mind of what she is envisioning for her wedding hair because her personal style is extremely important in the decision making. That said, a stylist needs to also be able to not get too involved as well in order not to make the hair overly complicated and of a certain hair-era. Technically, a stylist needs to be able to understand how to make the wedding hair last over a long day. Using the right products and setting the hair will allow for the hairstyle to last throughout their special day.”

When should a bride start making her hair plan with her stylist? “Ideally the minute you know your wedding date, you want to secure your stylist.  Great stylists can be booked months if not a year in advance and so you want to ensure yours can be there for you. Also, something to consider is whether or not you will want to get your hair done and touched up later in the day. This will be something you’ll have to build into your budget and I do recommend if you are expecting to have a long day.”

Two dresses is the new norm for brides and we have also seen the second hairstyle as made famous by Meghan Markle. What are your tips for brides who want to switch up their hair looks from ceremony to reception? “Start with a style which can be easily worked into a second style without leaving too much evidence behind. All hairstyles will start with a set. A set is usually some form of blow-dry or rollers or curling iron set. Then that needs to be brushed out into your first look which will easily need to be transformed into a second. A soft low ponytail can easily be transformed into a chignon or up style afterwards. A beautiful down wavy style can also be put up easily into a different ‘do.”

This article was originally published on Mar 18, 2019

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