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How To Prep Your Hair For A Flawless Bridal Hairstyle

  |   By Kimberly Aglipay

Although you might think that achieving a great bridal hairstyle is as simple as hiring a great stylist, how a bride treats her hair before her wedding day is equally as important.

Weddingbells recently spoke with Kevin Hughes, artistic director of Moroccanoil and a Hollywood hairstylist who's coiffed runway looks for designers such as Marchesa, Monique Lhuillier and Zac Posen. His favourite bridal hairstyle? An easy, natural look. "If you always wear your hair down, wear it down on your wedding day, but add a little wave or curl," Hughes suggests. "A style that makes the bride feel the most beautiful is the best style for her on her big day."

Hughes shared his top tips for what brides can do to ensure their hair is wedding-day ready.

Start a routine for your hair six months prior to your wedding. "Begin with a really great shampoo and conditioner for your hair type," Hughes advises. "And once a week, use a mask for your hair type so it's in optimal condition."

Use products that benefit your hair and don't dry it out. Hughes recommends the Moroccanoil Treatment, which can be used daily. "You can use it before you even comb your hair out after shampooing and conditioning," Hughes says. "It even helps detangle your hair and speed up the blow-dry process."

Know in advance what your desired wedding-day hair colour is. A bride should know six months in advance, Hughes says. "Any colour corrections right before the wedding can dry out your hair," he explains. "Your hair should be in its final colour about a week before your wedding."

Wash your hair the morning of your wedding, not the day before. This way, you don't feel itchy or dirty on the day of your wedding, Hughes says. "There's this idea that goes around that people shouldn't wash their hair if they're doing an updo," he adds. "With the amazing products out there, such as the Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray, I can make freshly washed hair feel as if it has a lot of grit and texture. Let a professional put in the texture they need to work with the hair."

Let your hair air dry or give it a rough-dry the morning of your wedding. Which technique you decide to use should be discussed with your hairstylist at your wedding hair consultation, which usually takes place a month prior to your wedding, Hughes advises.

This article was originally published on Sep 09, 2019

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