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Bespoke Diamonds at Birks

  |   By Nicole Keen

Your dream ring starts with a raw Ontario diamond from Birks.

Still shopping for your engagement ring? Toronto-area brides-to-be take note: from now until May 1st, you can purchase your very own (very sparkly!) piece of history from Birks. Last night marked a truly momentous occasion, as Birks debuted the first 100 “Made in Ontario” diamonds at their Bloor Street flagship store.


Bespoke Diamonds at Birks

For a limited time only customers like you will have the unique opportunity to design the diamond ring of your dreams—from scratch. When you buy a rough stone (like the ones pictured), you can decide precisely how it will be cut and polished. This is your chance to make your vision come to life: a made-to-measure ring that’s just for you! Not only are you guaranteed some one-of-a-kind bling, you’re also making a responsible purchase and supporting the local economy in the process: these diamonds are mined at the De Beers Canada Victor Mine, Ontario’s first diamond mine, and cut and polished at Sudbury’s Crossworks Manufacturing Ltd. Prices vary, but engagement rings start at $2,500.

This article was originally published on Apr 27, 2010

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