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Berta Fall 2018 Wedding Dresses

Berta Fall 2018 Wedding Dresses

Ultra-feminine luxury label Berta’s gowns for this season look made for a modern princess—one who wants to ditch the ballgown in favour of a slimmer silhouette. In signature Berta fashion, body-skimming cuts reign here; an A-line with a textural floral skirt and rounded chapel train is as voluminous as it gets. Low backs leave lots of skin exposed. Tulle and lace enfold one another to build ethereal layers of transparency, concealing and revealing simultaneously. Floral motifs flourish in lace and appliques—unsurprising, as designer Berta Balilti praises blossoming botanicals as her inspiration for the season: “As the crown jewels of the plant world, flowers are fascinating to behold, magical to smell and have an endless array of colors. They arouse all senses, and have an admirable inner-complexity.”

Details are dainty and delicate. Slim jewelled belts or beaded embroidery accent the waistlines of many gowns. Diaphanous overskirts and filmy capes hover tentatively around hips and shoulders, respectively.

The diversity of lace on show is astonishing. Nearly every gown seems to be created in a style and pattern of lace that differs uniquely from the last. Some boast painterly flowers or tangles of vines; others, symmetrical filigrees or graphic art deco-esque grids.

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