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Behind The Scenes At The Atelier Pronovias 2019 Lookbook Shoot

  |  By Kimberly Aglipay

Pronovias has always been known for its range of gorgeous, sexy designs. Each collection from the Spain-based bridal atelier features a wide variety of beautiful designs, ensuring that no matter what style a bride has, she'll find a gown that suits her perfectly.

The label gave us an exclusive backstage look at their 2019 collection, shared how they garner inspiration, and what every bride needs to know about this luxe line.

Weddingbells: What is the inspiration for this latest collection?
Pronovias: "Our new Atelier Pronovias 2019 collection is called IN BLOOM, inspired by the Giverny Gardens from the impressionist painter Monet, and created by an analogy of blooming gardens in which different elements live in perfect harmony and where natural beauty, light and colour fill every corner. Each of the components give it personality and invite you to dream, surrounded by freshness and breath-taking flowers, like our iconic style CAROLINA."

WB: What are some of the hallmarks of the collection and details we see in every Pronovias collection?
Pronovias: "The lace has been always one of the trademarks of the company. It’s a material that allows us to create really sophisticated and delicate pieces, and it never stops being trendy. The special and detailed treatment that we take for these gowns, in all our collections, is especially unique around the world, and our embroidery is all handmade piece by piece. The next upcoming collection for Atelier Pronovias 2019, will surprise with dreamy transparency effects to create the alluring tattoo-effect, one of the brand’s signatures. Always using the elegance that characterizes Pronovias as the base for the creation of the newest proposals."

WB: In creating a look book, what is important? What are considerations that go into its creation that a bride looking at it may not know?
Pronovias: "For us the dress is the most important piece – we try to highlight the movements of the gown through dynamic poses and we like to show the special details on it. On the other hand, instead of using too much make up, we also try to bring the natural beauty of the models out. This way we hope that the brides-to-be can easily see themselves in a dress like the ones in the lookbook."

WB: Who is the Pronovias bride?
Pronovias: "A bride who feels faithful to herself. From the classic one, to the fashion forward, I want all the brides to feel like the best possible version of themselves on their wedding day. At Pronovias we have a wide range of collections, so every bride can find her perfect style."

WB: Finish this sentence: "A dream wedding dress........."
Pronovias: "…is the one that lets the bride feel herself, comfortable and beautiful on the most special day of her life."


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