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The Most Beautiful Modern Engagement Rings

  |  By Asmahan Garrib

You are the perfect couple; unique and modern yet with an iconic love that will last the ages. Your engagement ring should reflect this. Thanks to Birks, now it can.

The engagement ring is the first thing everyone asks to see when you announce that you’re getting married. That little sparkle on the bride’s left hand is there for the whole world to see and she will oh-so-very-proudly show it off to anyone and everyone. When a perfect match is found, you both want to make sure that everyone knows—and a gorgeous and unique engagement ring (for a gorgeous and unique woman) will definitely shout it from the rooftops.

But, these days, couples don't (and shouldn’t!) just settle for any ring. Gold, in itself, is no longer unique; even diamonds―though fascinating―have become highly common. Now, couples are looking for something beyond aesthetic and monetary value, something that has a deep meaning; that is symbolic of their love. That said, that very important piece of jewellery should reflect your relationship, your love and your personalities...and thanks to Birks now they can.

Finding an engagement ring that is both as unique as the woman who wears it and actually affordable is no longer impossible. Perfectly fitting these requirements are the two new, absolutely stunning designs Birks is launching that are nothing like anything they’ve ever produced before.

Birks Iconic Dare to Dream Engagement Ring Set

This set comes with three bands in addition to a traditional round solitaire diamond engagement ring. The bands are 18kt rose gold, 18kt yellow gold fashioned with Birks’ signature mesh motif, 18kt white gold and a 0.28ct diamond band. The centre stone is available in 0.50ct, 0.70ct and 1.00ct. It is literally the perfect pairing to instantly express immense creativity, a little rebelliousness and total originality while remaining classic and captivating.

Life would be pretty boring if every day was exactly the same, and if everyone expressed their sense of personal style similarly. The truly unique nature of this engagement ring helps fulfill a woman’s desire for variety and significance. The rings’ look can change every day by stacking the bands in a different order or omitting one or another or only wearing one at a time. It is a multifaceted ring that will forever be as unique as the woman who wears it and it will always be true to who you both are in the moment and the story you write together.

Birks Rosée du Matin Infinity Engagement Ring

The word 'infinity' is derived from the Latin word infinitas, which means 'the state of being without finish'. Your love and your life together is infinite and this particular ring reflects that effortlessly, in a seemingly endless string of sparkle and shine. It embodies the fact that you share a bond so strong that no matter what comes, it will never break and never cease to exist.

With a sleek design, a refined style and an everlasting sparkle, this ring was created to show off your relationship’s brilliance and the spark of love that lives within the two of you. Undeniably brilliant, this 18kt white gold engagement ring features a swirling loop of diamond ribbons (0.70ct) adorned with a round 0.50ct, 0.70ct, 1.00ct or 1.20ct diamond solitaire.

These two unique designs from Birks definitely fulfill the need for originality in engagement rings. They’re extremely fashion-forward and are perfect for the modern couple to express their unique love and their fashion sense at the same time (and starting at under $5,000 we have to admit, we love them even more!)

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This article was originally published on Jun 18, 2018

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