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Fashion & Beauty

Back in Black

  |   By Nicole Keen

Photography courtesy Amy Kuschel.

I simply couldn't resist sharing this stunning Amy Kuschel gown with you. Black dresses of the little (or big!) variety are chic, versatile and, most importantly, wearable.


Back in Black

They're a terrific option for all your pre-wedding events (rehearsal dinner, etc.), and make a great statement for your bridesmaids (trust me, they'll thank you). This dress is one of the latest designs to emerge from New York bridal market this past weekend, and it appears that a slimmer silhouette is en vogue for both bridesmaids and brides. But for all you ballgown lovers out there, don't fret. Volume is still on the radar, too! A parting thought: I chose to feature this image for more reasons than one. Yes, this dress is fabulous, but it's the complete look that makes it: a bold statement necklace, easy-going updo and soft makeup bring everything together. In other words, think of your dress as the foundation and build from there. This goes for you and your maids on the big day.

Speaking of which, what colour are your girls wearing? Don't you think black is perfect for a winter wedding?

This article was originally published on Oct 22, 2009

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