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Fashion & Beauty

And here they are... MAC's VENOMOUS VILLAINS

  |  By Roseanne Dela Rosa

I'm excited! More like over-the-top excited to finally reveal to you MAC's latest collection (coming this September and available until October)–their Venomous Villains set (FYI these would make AWESOME bridesmaids gifts). About a month ago, we received a teaser e-mail stating that MAC was going to come out with a Villain's collection–although they didn't name names. Alison immediately picked Cruella de Vil, who made the final cut, along with Snow White's Evil Queen, Sleeping Beauty's Maleficent and–this came as a complete yet pleasant surprise–The Princess and the Frog's Dr. Facilier. Judging by the packaging, I've already got my eye on Maleficent's eyeshadow duo and Cruella's eyeshadow. Who's your most coveted evil villain? And what do you have your eye on?

Read more after the jump for an entertaining interview with each villain, along with a snapshot of their latest set.


LET’S FACE IT. YOUR APPLE IDEA WAS FLAWED AS THERE WAS AN ANTIDOTE (TRUE LOVE’S FIRST KISS). IF YOU COULD DO IT OVER AGAIN, HOW WOULD YOU ELIMINATE SNOW WHITE? I should have turned HER into that ugly old witch. Prince Charming finds her repulsive, I am the fairest, and she dies of a broken heart... what could be more perfect? YOU WERE KNOWN AS A GREAT BEAUTY. DO ANY MODELING IN YOUR YOUTH? Not much. I always found the mirror to be my worst critic. WHAT DOES YOUR HAIR LOOK LIKE UNDER THAT REGAL HOOD? As black as night, as long as a winter’s wind, and far more stunning than a bob with a bow. AGE? I suggest you ask another question. After all, I am not known as the Good Queen. BEAUTY STAPLE? Sinister – my signature shade – over full lips and a loyal mirror. FAVOURITE FOODS? Apple pie and artichokes. KNOWN FOR? Catch me on a bad day, and I can be a real witch. MOOD DISORDER? Narcissism.


HOW DO YOU GET YOUR HAIR THAT FETCHING TWO-TONED SHADE? A woman never reveals her beauty secrets, especially when you are as fabulous as me! AGE? Are you kidding? BEAUTY STAPLE? Anything to enhance these cheekbones. If you’ve got it, flaunt it. FASHION MUST-HAVE? Red stilettos. LOVES? Fashion, relaxing at my country house, fine automobiles. Oh, and I almost forgot… ME!


DO YOU EVER FEEL LIKE YOU OVERREACTED TO NOT GETTING INVITED TO THAT PARTY AT THE PALACE? Me? Overreact? The mistress of all evil!? NEVER! YOU HAVE A VERY BOLD FASHION SENSE AND YOUR SIGNATURE OUTFIT IS CLEARLY COUTURE. ANY FASHION ADVICE? What makes you feel powerful is always a good choice. Plus, black is so slimming. WHO DOES YOUR MAGNIFICENT EYEBROWS? My eyebrows are naturally malefic and magnificent. AGE? Evil never gets old. FAVOURITE MEAL? Revenge truly is a dish best served cold. BEAUTY STAPLE? General gloom and intense cold – it keeps the skin looking tight and fresh. CAN’T STAND? To be left out. LOVES? Ravens and revenge. HOBBIES? Casting spells and party crashing.


WHEN TOURISTS ASK YOU WHAT’S FUN TO DO IN THE FRENCH QUARTER, WHAT DO YOU RECOMMEND? How about a little soul-searching? YOU’RE IMMACULATELY GROOMED. DO YOU TRIM YOUR MUSTACHE YOURSELF? Well, I have friends to help with that… on the other side. WHAT DO THE TAROT CARDS SAY IS IN STORE FOR YOU? Fun fact about voodoo, can’t read my own cards, but perhaps we should read a little into yours. What do you say...friend? AGE? As a doctor, it’s not ’bout age but how well you take care of yourself… and I am all about me. COCKTAIL OF CHOICE? Absinthe. GREATEST VICE? Penchant for green, the kind that doesn’t grow on trees. LOVES? Voodoo dolls, gator teeth, a well-fitted suit, and a sucker with money. BEAUTY ADVICE? There is nothing better than a good shadow.

This article was originally published on Jul 08, 2010

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