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How To Amp Up Your Bridal Hairstyle With Hair Extensions

  |  By Kimberly Aglipay

When looking online for bridal hair inspo, you'll find looks ranging from glam updos to easy breezy long and loose tresses. While these hairstyles are beautiful, they might look difficult and even impossible to achieve. But just like your beauty look, with the right tools your dream wedding-day hairstyle is totally attainable.

One tool you might not have thought of? Hair extensions. If your hair is super fine or closer to an ultra-short crop than Rapunzel's long locks, simple clip-in hair extensions can help you get the volume and length you need to pull off some of the more elaborate bridal hairstyles out there.

We turned to celeb hair and makeup pro Roger Medina, who recently came out with his own line of high-quality hair extensions in a range of shades, for some tips on how to use hair extensions to create a stunning hairstyle for your wedding day. For Medina, who's beautified the likes of Chloe Grace Moretz and Clemence Poesy, good quality hair extensions are key.

Whether you're taking photos or dancing the night away at your reception, hair extensions are a great way to enhance your existing hair. "Your hair photographs differently than how you see it in person," Medina says. "By adding extensions in, you can achieve those hairstyles you see on Pinterest."

For brides looking to do their own hair on their wedding day, clip-in extensions are easy to use. First-time users should look to YouTube for examples on how to put them in your hair, Medina advises. But if you have coloured hair, it's best to see a professional for advice on how to match your hair extensions. "I'd suggest going in for a consultation or going to the company directly to have your hair matched by their hair experts," Medina says.

A hairstyle that Medina particularly loves for brides is effortless, tousled waves, as seen in the photo above. "Classic body waves off to the side à la Jessica Rabbit," Medina elaborates. "I also love a day-after updo with a subtle hair accessory, or a simple chignon!"

Check out Medina's video below on how to put in your hair extensions perfectly.

This article was originally published on Mar 16, 2018

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