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Alternatives to Veils

  |  By Leah Andrew

Photography courtesy Esty.

When I got married, I wanted to do something a little different for my headpiece. A veil just didn’t seem to “fit” the look of my dress or my own personal style. So I started searching for alternatives to get ideas and found that there are tons of options (and price points) when it comes to head pieces for the modern bride. I wanted to share some resources and ideas if you find yourself in a similar situation. Here are four examples that can fit regardless of whether you’re looking to save or splurge!


Alternatives to Veils

If you’ve never heard of Etsy, you should definitely check it out! They have tons of options when it comes to wedding headpieces and short veils at very reasonable prices. A quick search shows two that catch my eye, both with very different styles. The first is the “My Love, My Love” bridal comb for $30 USD. With a mix of large and small white and ivory blooms and some white/ivory feathers and bits of birdcage netting that peeking out the back, it’s a romantic and modern look at a very nice price.

Another more inexpensive option from Etsy for those who are going for more of a vintage look is this small birdcage blusher veil for just $19.50 USD. It doesn’t have a lot of fuss, but is a nice option for someone who wants a veil for the ceremony, but knows they won’t be wearing it for the entire wedding.

At the mid range, SmartBride Boutique, offers a delicate comb with translucent gold hued beads branching out on nimble wires that can be moved to get the look you want. This hair comb is being sold by a local Vancouver bride and it’s a steal of a deal. The original price was $200 and it’s on the SmartBride website for $80 CAD.  This is a pretty option for someone who wants some sparkle in her hair, but doesn’t want something too overpowering.

Birdcage blusher veil from Etsy.

Wedding comb from SmartBride Boutique.

At the higher end of the price spectrum, there are stores that offer custom headpieces. This is what I did. My husband and I had saved some money in other places for our wedding and I really wanted something original that could potentially be used as a keepsake, so I decided to splurge. I went to Lilliput Hats in Toronto, a millinery making all things fabulous for your head. I told them my ideas and right away they brought out different feathers, veil pieces and sticks and we created a look that I absolutely loved. It worked perfectly with my dress, and goes to show that when you save in some areas, it’s OK to splurge in others! That’s what being a smart bride is all about.

Photography courtesy Christina Gapic.
Photography courtesy Christina Gapic

Find more local wedding classifieds, including dress, shoes and accessories, at SmartBride Boutique.

This article was originally published on Aug 17, 2009

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